Below is a list of 116 fish species that have been observed in the Buffalo-Niagara Region.
Download detailed table: B-N Fish Species Lists

Northern brook lamprey
Silver lamprey (PE)
American brook lamprey
Sea lamprey
Lake sturgeon
Longnose gar
American eel
Gizzard shad
Black bullhead
Yellow bullhead
Brown bullhead
Channel catfish
Tadpole madtom
Brindled madtom
White sucker
Bigmouth buffalo
Lake chubsucker (PE)
Northern hogsucker
Silver redhorse
Black redhorse
Golden redhorse
Shorthead redhorse
Greater redhorse
Common carp
Central stoneroller
Golden shiner
Lake chub
Bigeye chub
Silver chub (PE)
Hornyhead chub
River chub
Eastern blacknose dace
Longnose dace
Western blacknose dace
Creek chub
Pearl dace
Redside dace
Emerald shiner
Rosyface shiner
Striped shiner
Common shiner
Spotfin shiner
Redfin shiner
Bridle shiner
Blackchin shiner
Blacknose shiner
Bigmouth shiner
Spottail shiner
Sand shiner
Mimic shiner
Northern redbelly dace
Bluntnose minnow
Fathead minnow
Cisco (PE)
Lake whitefish (PE)
Bloater (PE)
Kiyi (PE)
Shortnose cisco (PE)
Round whitefish (PE)
Coho salmon
Chinook salmon
Rainbow trout
Atlantic salmon (PE)
Brown trout
Brook trout
Lake trout
Rainbow smelt
Central mudminnow
Grass pickerel
Northern pike
Chain pickerel
Pirate perch
Banded killifish
Brook silverside
Brook stickleback
Threespine stickleback
Ninespine stickleback (PE)
White perch
White bass
Rock bass
Green sunfish
Longear sunfish
Smallmouth bass
Largemouth bass
White crappie
Black crappie
Greenside darter
Rainbow darter
Iowa darter
Fantail darter
Johnny darter
Tessellated darter
Yellow perch
Channel darter
Blackside darter
Blue pike (E)
Freshwater drum
Mottled sculpin
Slimy sculpin
Spoonhead sculpin (PE)
Deepwater sculpin (PE)
Round goby
Grass carp

Sources:  The Inland Fishes of New York State (L.C. Smith 1986), NYSDEC Fish Atlas (

PE = Possibly Extirpated from Region
E = Extinct

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