Tiger swallowtail nectaring at wild bergamot

The annual cycles of plant and animal life that we currently observe in the Buffalo-Niagara Region have been following the same basic rhythms for ages. This weekly blog is designed to highlight the particular plant and animal cycles that are peaking in our region during the coming week. It, with support from its associated web pages, will assist nature enthusiasts with discovering natural treasures in their own neighborhood and throughout the Buffalo-Niagara Region by providing “what-when-and-where” guidance to help focus their nature explorations. This blog and supporting web pages describe what plants and animals occur in the Buffalo-Niagara Region, when to expect the peak times for various seasonal events such as wildflower blooming and bird migration, and where (publicly accessible sites) to go to observe these natural happenings.

One of the associated web pages provides lists of books, web sites, and other resources that support nature study in the Buffalo-Niagara Region. Another offers the opportunity for anyone with an interest in the outdoors to post their own sightings (text and/or photos).

Even folks who can’t get out to enjoy nature on a regular basis may enjoy following this blog as they may gain some solace in its affirmation that plants and animals continue to follow the annual rhythms that have evolved over eons, regardless of our manipulated environment.

Chuck Rosenburg has studied plants, animals, and their habitats for more than 30 years in the Buffalo-Niagara Region. He capitalizes on over 20,000 records from those studies in preparing these blog entries.


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